Trio Brioso

Elegant Music



Bring the simple beauty
of another time and place
to your special event...

   Surround yourself with the  elegance and Old World charm that is the music of Trio Brioso. Make your wedding day a personal treasure by setting the proper mood with classics such as Canon by Pachelbel or a beautiful rendition of Franz Schuberts' Ave Maria by cellist Michael Hradek.

  Dinner parties and wedding receptions take on that glamour of yesteryear with the Trio providing the music of the worlds' greatest composers such as Richard Strauss,  Johaness Brahms,  Richard Rodgers or Jerome Kern.

  Trio Brioso is a piano trio with a rich musical background performing a classic and contemporary repertoire in a soothing instrumental format that is the perfect antidote to the rush of modern living.

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